Sunday, August 24, 2008

Restore old painting

This painting was a very badly damaged old painting that the canvas had all
most vanished and what was just very thin paint left.
I Had to stabilize the painting and repair the 3 holes.
Then I had to refinish the painting and frame.


Susan Carlin said...

Hi Pete- thanks for coming by today and for your very nice comment. Following you here has me intrigued about the icons on your photos that say "posted by Picasa." I'd love to know how that works!


Hi sue,
all my photos are in Picasa file. i send the pic to desktop then load it to the net.the process is a working one, as I'm still learning.
if you don't have Picasa.i can send you a pic. & you will be able to open Picasa & check it out.

Barbara Pask said...

Hi Pete, This painting looks amazing, what a wonderful talent to have repairing and touching up old paintings. Your work is fantastic. Nice to get to know you, starting a blog has been one of the best things I've done.


Thank You Barbara,
Sometimes I think it is easier to paint then to do a blog setup. now i have a mouse with a broken tail i must go to a retailer,[wal-mart].lol
With the computer- art, we create and use for reference. Automotive, we have to repair what others create.
So creating a blog is new to me,but good. live Stream is the best thing for the world of art,and teaching,- Happy Brushing-

Rhonda said...

Hi Pete,

Thanks for visiting my blog, very interesting about restoring paintings. I have a painting by my uncle that needs to be varnished but it has a few bad spots on it. I have no idea what to do--should I clean the painting before varnishing? The bad places are very small, I'm thinking I should ignore them for now.

I'm a fairly new blogger (started last summer) and I have enjoyed it so much. I've interacted with all types of artists and fans of art.

Eston said...
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