Monday, October 13, 2008

The early days of - The Art Brush

You never know what is in the Attic. In side the pages of a dusty old book,that was almost over looked and trashed. was this treasure,that could never be replaced One must take the time to check,for not all is junk that was waiting to be titled trash. This is truly the early Days, of my life.
My mother showed me how to draw with the 2 on left.
My work is on the right at the age of 8yrs. 1944


Carolann said...

Dear Peter, How lovely to have found these drawings made all those years ago. I would love to still have mine as I used to paint as a child. Unfortunately lost years ago as my family moved around so much. Thank you so much for following my blog, not much posted recently as I have been ill, we have a bad epidemic of flu virus in u.k right now and I am very poorly, but looking forward to painting lots in the new year. best wishes for 2009.

Debbie Chavers said...

This is so great that you found these drawings. It reminded me of when my Mom would help me draw by playing a game of letters and numbers. For example she would draw an 8 and make sun glasses out of them. Then she would write a 4 and tell me to make a picture using the 4, and so on. She would play this with me when I was not feeling well or bored. Thank you for posting yours because it made me remember this great memory of my Mom. Wishing you the best.
Debbie Chavers


Thanks Deb.
Memories of yesterday are tomorrows future. One must find the key to unlock the mind.

AmuDesigns said...

What a find and a treasure! It is so neat to see the early stages of an artists evolution. Thanks for sharing! I'm using this as inspiration to do a little spring cleaning of my own. You never know what you might stumble across.

Eston said...
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