Friday, July 17, 2009

The Bristol Borough Mural Project

The Bristol Borough Mural Project -
After months of meetings and the final approval for the Mural,the first meeting of Painting in the Park,was a big success,7/13/2009. The three interns for the project,transferred the image to the material,which is like parachute fabric,then prepped with a coat of gesso. Then about 18 brushes went to it,with lots of fun.
I arrived,about 40min.late. I was surprised to see many friends, some were from my very first art group that I painted with. It is refreshing to see Old Friends and to make new ones. There is not a thing better than painting as a group for good fellowship and community spirit.
A big thumbs up to Bristol Borough and all that are helping on this project.
I will keep you up to date,stop back soon.


actress/model said...

thank you all so much for letting me help paint the Bristol mural project . it great to get together with some great artist from the area. and i was just thrilled to know when i look up at the mural years from now ,i will have a great memory of the day working on the project with all of you

thank you
denise m

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog, Pete! This mural was a very nice undertaking for so many - it puts art out in the world that is pleasing to view and important for all time!

Eston said...

Please view oil painting landscape and see how the family has grown since that fantastic day.