Friday, May 8, 2009

#100 Into The Sun - Acrylic

I took a vacation to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico..stayed at the Riu Tequila. This was a return visit. I had painted the building we stayed,in 2006 [See#67,RIU]. This time I painted with the Island theme. #93,Beach boat, #100,Into the Sun. There are so many ways to paint Palm Trees,that I will be doing many more Palm Tree studies in the future. There is something that draws me to into the depths of Ocean Water,Palm Trees and Sky. This all may come about because once you take a photo,or paint the Scene, Mother Nature will not repeat the artistry of her work.
Enjoy - Pete,Theartbrush.


Carolann said...

Pete this is a fab painting, the colours really glow and I love the setting sun. I saw a sun like this when on holiday in Spain and watched it sink behind the horizon in minutes. We don't get this sort of spectacle in UK. More please!


Hi Carolann:
Thanks for stopping by.
This was a fun painting to do. and when you like to see a Sun Set,it is only a click a way.
I will paint another just for you.

Eston said...
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